Wunderbrow is an ethical brand of eyebrow products that includes a popular eyebrow gel. They are known for their long-lasting and smudge-proof formula designed to enhance and define eyebrows. Their products are often promoted as a solution for achieving natural-looking, well-groomed eyebrows that stay in place throughout the day. Their focus has been primarily across two markets, the US and UK, with plans to expand to Canada and Europe.


They faced a multifaceted challenge that centred on refining their creative approach to yield positive results. Simultaneously, they sought to implement compelling paid media campaigns to broaden their audience among those unfamiliar with the brand. In line with the typical aspirations of growing businesses, Wunderbrow aimed to achieve cost-effective sales without the need to alter their allocated marketing budgets. The overarching ambition, however, was to create a collaborative framework among all stakeholders toward the common goal of achieving business success.


Our initiatives consisted of a comprehensive set of actions. Initially, we conducted audits and restructured accounts, meticulously ensuring adherence to best practices. Recognising the untapped potential of user-generated content (UGC), we incorporated it into our paid campaigns. To enhance creative efficacy, a testing framework was implemented, complemented by continuous optimisation of messaging. We also introduced advantage+ shopping campaigns, strategically restructured generic campaigns for better audience relevance and reach. We also conducted targeted tests, keeping PMax for generics and focusing on shopping for brand only. Throughout all phases of this work, we kept in close communication, ensuring that they knew when each task was taking place as well as when we started measuring results. Ensuring that we had two way feedback on our processes was key in maintaining transparency for clear alignment. This holistic approach aimed to maximise efficiency and effectiveness across various facets of our paid media strategy.


  • Audit of paid media accounts
  • Restructuring of campaigns
  • Alignment with best practices
  • Incorporated UGC for paid social
  • Creative and messaging testing framework
  • Introduced advantage+ shopping
  • Restructured generics
  • Targeted tests for PMax and shopping

At a glance:

  • Refining creative for optimised performance
  • Reach new and broader audiences
  • Generating cost-effective sales
  • Maintaining allocated marketing budgets
  • Collaborative framework for all stakeholders


% Increase in UK Clicks
% Increase in US ROAS

Overall, we saw very positive results and improvements against the same timeframe last year. There were definite improvements in both traffic and sales metrics across all markets. One of the most encouraging outcomes was the impact from implementing UGC on the campaigns. Just from this creative type alone, we saw 47% higher CTRs and 27% cheaper clicks from these vs non-UGC creative.

This helped to drive more profitable traffic and led to a 23% higher ROAS. Since obtaining these results, we have continued to test UGC, by including statement or question text overlay. This has been generating better results across sales metrics, such as increasing revenue by 100% and improving ROAS by 67%.​

In terms of account performance, for the UK, we have increased impressions by 53%, clicks by 84%, while reducing CPCs by 38%. Despite acquiring higher volumes of traffic and interest, we saw engagement also increase in conjunction, with CTR improving by 20%.

In the US, we saw improvements across sales metrics, increasing revenue by 9%, AOV by 27%, and reducing CPA by 22%. This led to a ROAS increase of 61%.

Thanks to our successful collaboration over the duration of our partnership on their accounts, they now place their trust in us for both creative direction and growth planning across various domains beyond paid media.

  • UGC decreased CPCs by 27% MoM
  • UGC increased CTRs by 47% MoM
  • UK clicks increased by 84% at a decrease in CPCs by 38% YoY
  • US revenue increased by 9% at a decrease in CPA by 22% YoY
  • US ROAS increased by 61% YoY
  • Successful partnership established

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