Spyscape specialises in crafting immersive experiences that enable individuals to uncover their latent abilities. By merging captivating narratives with enjoyable physical and mental trials, they motivate and stimulate people. Their leading brand, SPYSCAPE HQ, stands as New York City’s premier museum and experiential destination, ranked as the top choice by visitors.


They faced a significant challenge when it came to competing in a bustling market and positioning themselves as the ultimate destination attraction in Manhattan. To overcome this hurdle, they knew they had to embark on a strategic journey to identify their target audience and devise effective methods of reaching diverse customer segments.


In order to better understand and connect with Spyscape’s diverse customer types, our approach involved conducting thorough tests to identify the messaging that resonated the strongest. We began by creating new customer targets based on specific exhibitions and customer groups. We also carried out extensive testing of over 150 different assets to determine the most impactful message. By analysing their business data, we were able to calculate the return on ad spend (ROAS) and make data-driven decisions. Lastly, we restructured their campaigns to optimise the allocation of their budget, prioritising the target groups that demonstrated the highest performance.


  • Created new customer targets based on exhibitions and target groups
  • Tested more than 150 individual assets for effective messaging
  • Monitored business side data to determine true ROAS
  • Restructured campaigns for optimised budget allocation

At a glance:

  • Positioning themselves as market leaders
  • Become the ultimate destination in Manhattan
  • Reach diverse customer segments
  • Revenue growth


% Reduction in CPC's
% Increase in Revenue

Our meticulous efforts yielded successful outcomes as we developed effective strategies to engage and cater to Spyscape’s diverse customer segments. Notably, we achieved a significant reduction of 38% YoY in cost per click (CPC), enabling us to drive increased traffic within our allocated budget. This improvement in efficiency from ad testing contributed to a remarkable 89% YoY increase in revenue. Additionally, by targeting larger customer groups, we experienced a noteworthy 21% YoY growth in average order value (AOV) from paid media. These results demonstrate the positive impact of our targeted approach, optimising key metrics and driving overall success for Spyscape.


  • CPCs decreased by 38% YoY
  • Revenue increased by 89% YoY
  • Paid media AOV increased by 21% YoY

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