Pact Coffee was founded in 2012 with the goal of transforming the coffee industry by bringing high-quality coffee directly from farmers to customers. They discovered that there are typically 10 middle parties in the supply chain, leaving farmers with minimal profits. This is when they decided to build direct relationships with farmers worldwide, paying them premium prices for their coffee. Pact now operates one of the UK’s largest independent roasters and source specialty coffee from 9+ origins, with long-term relationships with over 150 farmers. Their ultimate goal is to completely revolutionise the coffee industry, empowering farmers and providing customers with amazing coffee.


Pact was seeking to expand its customer base by reaching out to new audiences interested in their products and services. To achieve this, they recognised the need to utilise paid search and paid social channels in a way that would be cost-effective.


To assist Pact, we undertook several initiatives. Firstly, we emphasised on identifying pertinent search terms and adopting a robust channel strategy, while implementing the most effective PPC tactics. Based on our findings, we created six distinct audience groups to evaluate over a period of two months. By leveraging Facebook Delivery Insights, we monitored the daily first impression ratio to gauge the potential of our campaigns.


  • Focusing on relevant queries
  • Adopt a strong channel mix
  • Implementing PPC best practices
  • Built 6 audience clusters to test for 2 months
  • Facebook Delivery Insights to measure the first impression ratio daily for opportunities

At a glance:

  • Expand customer base
  • The need to use paid media channels
  • Maintain cost-effectiveness


% in CPA Reduction
% Increase in Conversion Rate

Pact is now spending 24% less to acquire each new customer. In addition to the cost savings, we’ve also seen a 29% increase in leads attributed to paid media. This means that our paid advertising efforts are generating more high-quality leads than before, which is a key metric for their business. We also recorded an increase in conversion rates by 90%. This means that a much higher percentage of the leads we generated are actually converting into paying customers.


  • CPA reduced by 24%
  • Increased attributed leads by 29%
  • Conversion rate increased by 90%

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