Easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity fundraising platform. They have made a significant impact in the UK charity sector over the past 18 years, helping to raise over £24 million for good causes and charities; a testament to the platform’s commitment to backing charitable causes and to the effectiveness of its fundraising model.

By offering a simple to use platform that allows users to donate to their favourite causes simply by shopping online, Easyfundraising has made it simple and convenient for people to support the causes they care about.


With many charities vying for attention in a highly competitive and ever-changing social and economic environment, it was important for Easyfundraising to make the most of their paid search activity and increase the lifetime value of their customers.


By conducting an audit of PPC campaigns, analysing conversion rates, average order values, and customer retention rates, we identified several areas where PPC campaigns could be optimised to increase lifetime value. We also ensured we stayed up-to-date with the latest industry trends, using automated bid strategies, and running quarterly account health checks.

But it wasn’t just about the technical stuff. We worked closely with Easyfundraising’s internal teams to ensure that PPC campaigns were aligned with the platform’s broader business goals. This included collaborating with the marketing and product teams to promote the right products and services, and working with the finance team to ensure that campaign budgets were aligned with revenue goals.


  • Audit of PPC campaigns
  • Identifying lifetime value attributed to PPC for optimisation
  • Maintain PPC best practice to drive most cost efficient traffic
  • Continual analysis through quarterly account health checks, monthly site checks
  • Integrated across client teams

At a glance:

  • High search competition
  • Volatile social and economic environment
  • High paid cost per acquisition
  • Low customer lifetime value


% we beat our Customer Acquisition target by
years as a client

Easyfundraising beat their customer acquisition target by 17% and our partnership has continued for five years. Our work has not only improved acquisition targets but also gained valuable insights that inform updates to the strategic development of the channel. This section is a little thin, need more results if possible.


  • Beating customer acquisition target by 17%
  • A Silvertip client for 5 years
  • Update to strategic development of PPC as a channel from learnings

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